Accelerating the speed of successful custom and legacy software integration across multiple-enterprise platforms.

R. W. Grant Consulting provides software solutions, telecommunication guidance, and merger-enabling solutions for Enterprises, Institutions, and growing corporations. For many corporations, the range of options of IP telephony and edge device integration can be exhilarating. However, many corporations are brought up short by the limitations of their business' budget and IT resources. For businesses looking to utlize their existing infrastructure for maximum return-on-investment capability, R.W. Grant can provide the means and expertise to bring these goals to reality.

Whether you're looking to enhance your legacy system to enable a mobile workforce, encourage collaboration, disaster-proof your existing infrastructure, or discover predictable telecommunications costs, R.W. Grant's custom solutions for enterprise mobility provide a reliable path to a more productive mobile enterprise while addressing the diverse needs of international mergers.

In today's technological marketplace, users are driving the early adaptation of edge devices into legacy systems. R. W. Grant provides capabilities to leverage existing infrastructure into cutting-edge communications investments, giving your workforce the ability to make crucial decisions based on leveraged synergy across enterprise-wide knowledge bases.

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